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MYL Boys 2nd/ 3rd Grade House League
7 v 7 Lacrosse Rules

  • 7 v 7 Games are played cross field -- from sideline to sideline on the standard field, between the end line and restraining line.  7 v 7 Field dimensions are approximately 60 yards long and 35 yards wide. 
  • Players on the field at any given time for each team are: 2 Attack, 2 Middie, 2 Defense, and 1 Goalie.
  • Each player will get EQUAL playing time each game.
  • Face off to begin each game, after each quarter, and after each goal (unless a team leads by more than 5 goals, in which case the team down by more than 5 goals gets the ball at mid field after any goal)
  • Four12minute quarters(running time) per game; two minute break between quarters, five minute half time; one 2 minute timeout per team, per game.
  • Field players for each team will rotate through all 3 of the field positions during the course of each game.
  • The substitutions and changes in position can be done either “on the fly”, on an out of bounds whistle, or between each quarter.  It is STRONGLY encouraged that Attack and Defense changes are made either on-the-fly (when ball is on opposite half of the field) or between Quarters, in order to not slow down the pace of play.
  • One player will be assigned to play Goalie each half, and will change each half unless (i) there is a volunteerwho specifically wants to play Goalie for a full game, and (ii) no other team players are Goalie volunteers.
  • All Goalies must wear the following protective equipment: Helmet, Neck Protector, Chest Protector, Arm Pads, Gloves, Athletic Cup.  Shin guards are recommended but not required.
  • 2 players must be on the offensive half of the field and 3 players (including goalie) must be on the defensive half of the field at all times
  • The team closest to the ball where and when it goes out of bounds gets possession on a shot.
  • If a team is leading by 5 goals, a 3 attempted pass rule will go into effect for the leading team (3 pass rule is revoked if lead is subsequently reduced to less than 5 goals). 
  • If a team is leading by 8 goals, a 5 attempted pass rule will go into effect for the leading team (5 pass rule is revoked if lead is subsequently reduced to less than 8 goals).
  • Upon a Personal Foul (or other “time serving” penalty), the team who was fouled receives a Fast-Break (in lieu of man-down); “Play-on”and “Slow Whistle” rule applies until ball touches the ground.  Goal during play-on or slow-whistle negates awarding a Fast Break.
  • Upon a Fast Break, the player who was fouled (or if against goalie or an offsides call, a designated player) starts with the ball 5 yards inside midfield line.  Two Attack (Middie replaces the Attack if Attack was man who was fouled) and Two Defensemen are inside the “box”; all others remain behind the mid-field restraining lineuntil the whistle starts Fast Break.  No 3/5 pass rule imposed on any penalty Fast Break, but 3 players must remain on defensive side of field (Middie-back applies if Defenseman gets the Fast Break).
  • Referee shall have the discretion to disqualify, for the remainder of the game, any player who accumulates four or more personal fouls during any game (player is replaced on the field by another teammate).
  • No overtime periods shall be played if game tied at end of regulation
  • No sticks greater than 42 inches allowed on the field (i.e. no “long poles”)
  • All Rules of Play (technical and personal fouls) governing CONNY Lacrosse (unless otherwise addressed herein)apply. This includes, but is not limited to: NO body checks and NO one-handed checks of any kind.